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Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Runners

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

As one of the most popular methods for getting in daily or weekly exercise, running offers a wide range of benefits to those who hit the pavement. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, running reduces an individual’s overall risk of heart attack by as much as 50%, while also reducing the potential for stroke, diabetes and other diseases associated with lifestyle. For most, it helps tone the muscles in numerous areas of the body, burns a substantial number of calories and it can be done without any specialized equipment. Even though there may be little that compares to that runner’s high, consistent running for sport or leisure takes a toll on the body.

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Numerous injuries are common among runners, including shin splints, runner’s knee, stress fractures and pulled muscles. With the average injury rate between 24 and 68% each year, runners need to have the necessary tools available to keep their bodies in optimal shape. Adding chiropractic care to the list of possible treatments offers runners the ability to treat some common injuries and prevent others altogether. Whether you go for the occasional jog to burn extra calories, or run multiple marathons each year, there are benefits from chiropractic care to keep your body ready for your next run.

Reduction in Pain and Fatigue

Injuries from running often cause a great deal of pain, lasting weeks or months. A chiropractic adjustment can provide a reduction in the severity of pain caused by running injuries, or shorten the amount of time pain and fatigue is experienced. Focusing on alignment of the neck, back and other parts of the body benefits runners immensely, and allows them to get back to what they love without as much discomfort.

Increased Flexibility

Chiropractic care also assists in loosening and relaxing the joints where injuries are prone to occur. Runners often experience knee, back and hip discomfort, which can lead to restriction in mobility and joint movements. Visiting a chiropractic doctor to enhance range of motion through alignment and joint manipulation often results in improved stride and overall flexibility.

Decreased Healing Time

Regardless of the frequency or distance of your running activity, the repetitive motion of pounding the pavement will eventually take a toll on your body. Even for the healthiest runners, injuries are bound to occur and can be severe. For serious runners, taking time away from a running routine to heal from a serious injury can mean a loss of stamina that is difficult to regain. A chiropractic visit can assist in decreasing total healing time by focusing on aligning the entire body, instead of simply treating a single injury. Chiropractic adjustments promote healing in a more holistic way, which leads to getting back to running quicker.

Injury Prevention

While injuries associated with running may be unavoidable for some, chiropractic care can help in injury prevention over the long term. Adjusting the spine back into alignment means that stronger parts of the body no longer need to compensate for weaker areas, reducing the chance for injury. Spine alignment is key to reducing the negative impact the repetitive motion of running can have on the body, leading to a healthier runner who is less prone to lasting injury.

Keeping your body in its best shape is the greatest step you can take to ensure your running routine is not interrupted or impeded by injury or restricted mobility. When stretching, training and avoiding overexertion are not enough, consider the benefits of chiropractic care and massage therapy to help maintain your body’s optimal health over time.

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