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Massage Therapy: The Most Relaxing Way to Improve Your Health

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Many individuals consider massage therapy to be just an occasional relaxation luxury or something that would be relegated to a professional athletic environment. However, nothing could be further from the truth! Studies have shown that even a very limited amount of time spent under the care of massage therapist can provide significant, measurable emotional and physical benefits.

Massage Therapy – in ancient and modern settings

The utilization of massage, as a health-related treatment, goes back to ancient times. For example, there is a depiction of massage being conducted on individuals in the Egyptian Tomb of the Physician which dates back to BC 2330. Other evidence of ancient massage treatments have been found in Greece, Mesopotamia, Rome, Korea, Japan, India and China.

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Massage therapy involves different forms of pressure applied in specific ways to different locations on the body, based on the type of care required. This can be done either manually, with mechanical devices or both. It is conducted by highly trained professionals who have studied the different applications and techniques having to do with varying types of massage and their related health objectives. In professional settings, massage therapy is typically conducted in a calm atmosphere that is conducive to the overall relaxing effects of the treatment.

Relaxation benefits

Those who have undergone this form of therapy have consistently reported remarkable improvements when it comes to the treatment of chronic muscle pain and patients are oftentimes surprised by the many other types of health improvements associated with therapeutic massage.

Research tells us the increase in the production of endorphins (feel good chemicals), such as serotonin, can also be a by-product of massage, and patients will frequently see improvements in their blood pressure and heart rate. These benefits can oftentimes be observed within just a single session!

Other associated benefits

Since massage therapy also promotes healthy and natural body movements, a sense of physical freedom can be achieved through treatment. A more relaxed and natural posture, which may also result, can overcome many types of poor posture-associated pain. With an improved posture, there is also a relief of pressure points and elimination of constrictive muscle tightness, which will promote greater freedom of movement. Studies indicate that an improved posture helps when it comes to your overall mood and how others view you.

As you can see, the benefits of massage therapy can extend far beyond a just few minutes of relaxation. That’s why it has been employed by numerous cultures over multiple centuries. If you’re interested in attaining a healthier lifestyle, you should consider adding massage therapy to your health regimen.

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