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Dr. Jason Henke, DC
Licensed Chiropractic Physician

I currently live in Enumclaw on a farm with my amazing wife, Ashley and my four kids-Jace, Jaidyn, Mila and baby Bradyn, ranging from 19 down to 4 months old. We are huge Seahawks fans (Go Hawks). My true love is my Mariners and maybe one day they will grace us with a World Series and also please bring back our Sonics. As an active family, we love to fit in a good hike, boating and enjoy traveling when we are not sitting at a sporting event.

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My Mission

At Lakeland Family Chiropractic I really pride myself on focusing on the optimal health and function of all my patients, ranging from infants, children, pregnant women, collisions, to athletes and senior citizens. I make sure that each patient receives the necessary care they deserve, based on each individuals specific concerns. With the use of the most current and up to date technology and both manual and instrumental adjusting techniques, I want patients to live healthier lifestyles through Chiropractic care.

My Backgorund

I graduated from Auburn High School in 95', then went on to Green River, Portland State University and enrolled into Sherman Chiropractic College in South Carolina. After Graduating Chiropractic school in 2002, I worked 6 years as an associate, then opened my own practice here in Lakeland in 2007. Then in 2021, I opened a second location for my practice, Enumclaw Family Chiropractic

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