Licensed Massage Therapist

After high school I knew I wanted a career where I was working to help people. That’s when I decided to attend Ashmead College to become a Licensed Massage therapy. I graduated with honors and have been doing massage therapy since then August 2007 and have been with LFC since 2008. I enjoy doing treatment/deep tissue massage and relaxation massage, along with hot stone and cupping as well. I take all major health insurance companies, and treat all car accident and L&I patients. When I’m not busy at work I like to spend time with my husband and our families, go to the gym and take our 2 dogs for hikes.



Licensed Massage Therapist

Right away I knew that I wanted to pursue massage therapy. I’ve been working as a Massage Therapist since 2009 when I graduated from Everest College I love working in the treatment field as well as wellness massages, and I also doing cupping and hot stone. I’ve been with LFC for since 2011 and I love working here! I take all major health insurance companies, and treat all car accident and L&I patients. In my spare time I love to going to the gym, hiking and camping with my boyfriend and family. I look forward to meeting you!



Licensed Massage Therapist

I was born in Mexico City, Mexico. My family and I had a short residence in San Francisco, Ca. until 2000. For the past 20 years I have resided in beautiful Washington state. I graduated from Thomas Jefferson high school in 2006. My journey in massage began at the Alexandar School of Natural therapeutics in Tacoma. I embarked as a professional the following year. My focus is to always listen to my patients needs and work with them closely to provide a comfortable space for relaxation and healing. I practice a variety of skills, ranging from traditional swedish massage, cupping, the use of hot and cold therapy, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy. In the fall 2020, I will receive my certification to practice Thai Massage. I am also fluent in Spanish. I am currently engaged, we share our lives with 5 amazing children. I enjoy attending concerts, sports events, and the occasional meditation retreat. Ommm!



Licensed Massage Therapist

My name is Stephanie and I was born and raised in Tacoma, Wa and I am a mother of two teenage girls. I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 8 years. My favorite modalities are deep tissue and treatment massage but I can also perform a relaxing Swedish and usually a mix of all three. I'm currently working on my Bachelors Degree in Urban Planning at ASU. I also have many hobbies but I love being an artist, my favorite is drawing and painting in my free time. During the spring and summer months I also do a lot of gardening.



Licensed Massage Therapist

My name is Miguel Jovany Maldonado, best known by Jovany. I am a massage therapist who enjoys doing his work and there’s nothing more satisfying to know that my job can make an impact in others peoples lives. I got this legacy as a massage therapist from my mom because she was a traditional masseuse in Mexico where I was born.  Back then I remember she would tell me that she was helping all those people with massage combined with natural medicine. This stayed with me until I decided what to study. Massage has become very significant to me since I’ve been doing this profession for the last 7 years.

I’m currently married to the most wonderful woman I could ever meet. Her name is Engadi, we have 4 boys in total and they rely on me. They have become my purpose in life and to be a better person every day.



Licensed Massage Therapist

After graduating from Pacific Lutheran University with my Bachelor's degree in psychology, I decided to start massage school. I began realizing the connection between the mind and body was stronger than I originally thought and while healing the body you can also heal the mind in doing so. I love knowing the positive impact I’m having on my client’s quality of life, whether that be decreasing pain from every day activities, car/work accidents, or even improving their mental health. Due to the variety of reasons clients come see me I am able to adapt to each client individually. I am currently  contracted with Aetna, Premera, L&I/Workers comp, PIP/3rd party, Lifewise, and soon, Regence. When I’m not working I’m going on adventures with my son and husband, attending music festivals, painting, playing in the garden and reading. 

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