Manual Chiropractic Adjusting 

At Our Auburn, WA Office

One of the most beneficial techniques our chiropractors use is manual adjusting. This is a hands on type of adjusting that is typically used to help relieve back pain.


The problem with back pain 

Are you unable to enjoy life because of pain and discomfort? The reason for this is that pressure builds up in the joints and causes pain. If the pressure is not addressed, it can get worse and it is harder to reverse, inhibiting you even further.

Manual adjustment chiropractic benefits

Manual adjustment chiropractic provides many benefits. 


Some of the top benefits are:

  • Improved joint mobility, functions, and overall health

  • Reduced pain by decreasing inflammation and unlocking restricted joints

  • Strengthened overall immune system

Improves joint mobility, functionality and overall health

With improved joint mobility, functionality, and overall health you are able to live life more fully without fatigue caused by restricted strength and health.

Reduces pain by decreasing inflammation and unlocking restricted joints

With the release of pressure and pain in restricted joints you can engage in activities like hiking, skiing, running, sports, playing with your children, and even do work you were unable to partake in before. 

Strengthens the overall immune system

With an increased immune system you are able to fight off sickness and disease much more effectively. When your body is not working optimally you can become susceptible to illnesses.

Our Process of Giving Chiropractic Manual Adjustments

The manual adjusting hands on approach allows our chiropractors to apply controlled, quick pressure to joints, pushing them just beyond their restricted range of motion.


Rather than a "one adjustment fits all approach", our chiropractors are able to assess what adjustments your body needs in order to correct misalignments or other problems.


The typical process is as follows:


  1. Evaluation & Physical Exam

  2. Spinal Scan to show tension points  

  3. X-Rays 

  4. Discussing your customized treatment

  5. Treatment begins

  6. Stretching to "fine tune" your adjustment


Let’s now touch on each of these below.


Typically a session begins with evaluating your concerns and or symptoms. This is done so we can find the treatment that is customized for you.


X Rays and spinal scans are then made to make sure there is nothing to be concerned about and to see what your spine looks like. 

Choosing your customized treatment

Once a full evaluation has been completed and the X-Rays have been analyzed, the type of adjustment can vary. 

Depending on the symptoms and your scenario, we then discuss what adjustment will work best for your needs. 

Treatment session begins

At this point, most patients choose to lay on one of our massage traction tables which helps loosen the muscles before the adjustment.

Once our chiropractors are ready to begin adjusting, we guide you into the position you need to be in (face down, face up, standing against the wall, on your side, etc.). And the rest is manual movements with one of our chiropractors. 

Final massage

Once the manual adjusting is finished, we use what is called a vibracussor to massage the muscles for a minute or two to sort of “fine tune” the adjustment for the best possible result.

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