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Dr. Cristina Abadia, DC
Licensed Chiropractic Physician

 I live on an acreage in Washington state with my love Kevin and their 14 ducks and 6 chickens. I enjoy hiking, swimming, long evening walks, reading, listening to podcasts, spending time with family, and going on outdoor adventures!

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My Mission

I believe that the human body has an innate ability to heal, given the right environment. I also believe that at any given moment, the body is always trying to heal and express health, and symptoms are nothing but a byproduct of that process. My approach to healing is a whole body approach where I look at all aspects of a person's unique makeup and environmental factors from what you're eating and drinking, to the type of close interpersonal relationships in your life. I wholeheartedly believe that there are no accidental illnesses, and that no matter the current state of dis-ease in the body, the body can and will heal, with the right lifestyle modifications unique to that person's biochemical makeup.

My Backgorund

I was born in Bogota Colombia and raised in southern California. I studied Psychology and Communication Studies in undergraduate, and then went on to receive my doctorate in Chiropractic in the CA Bay area. I am Webster technique certified, which is a specific chiropractic technique that aids pregnant mamas, and her growing baby. I completed all of the ICPA ( International Pediatric Chiropractic Association), and love working with kids of all ages, helping them develop into the healthiest kids they can be.  

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