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Do You Suffer From Headaches?

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Headaches are one of the more prevailing maladies that are experienced by both men and women, young to old. There are 150 diagnostic headache categories. Where do headaches come from? What types of headaches exist? And more importantly … how do you get rid of a headache?

Man sitting on leather sofa holding his head because of headache
Some of the most common types of headaches are tension, migraine and sinus; all of these have different underlying reasons for them.

Tension headaches

You are sitting at your computer, working away, when gradually you notice that your neck is beginning to tense up, and your eyes are starting to strain … before you know it, you have a headache. Tension headaches can be caused by emotional and physical stress, anxiety, fatigue and are usually differentiated by having the muscles in your neck and scalp tighten and contract. They are also called muscle-contraction headaches.


Migraines are defined as more severe then tension headaches. They can be associated with migraine halos, or an actual visual representation of the tension. This can be spots, swirls – even lights. There is no known cause for migraines, but allergies and hormonal changes can trigger them. (Whether it be red wine, chocolate, strong odors.)


These types of headaches occur after an upper respiratory infection, and are set in the front of your head – usually right between the eyes. Medication will more than likely be needed for this type of headache, as it is usually caused by bacteria in the nasal sinuses.


If tension headaches are constantly plaguing you, one of the best ways to relieve them is with a massage or chiropractic adjustment. As explained above, tension headaches are caused by muscles contracting – massage and chiropractic will help your body relax, which will then allow your muscles to relax – and no more headache.

Other ways to get rid of your headache are aspirin; a hot bath or shower; some even swear by a glass of wine to get rid of their headache. All of these ways allow the muscles to relax, which in turn stops the headache.

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