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Eliminating Pain the Natural Way

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Everyday aches and pains are commonplace; anything from sleeping wrong to putting your back out when picking up a heavy item. If you are having chronic pain, or are tired of feeling a general “unease;” why not try massage or chiropractic?

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Although massage therapy is well-known for relaxation (such as that offered in spas and the like), it is also extremely beneficial for the body’s health.

By increasing the blood flow and circulation to an injury or injured area, massage will help promote healing and rebuilding. It will also release toxins to the lymphatic system (the body’s natural filter), which are then expelled from the body.

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Have you experienced muscle twitches? Also called “muscle fasciculation,” these can be downright annoying. Massage can help solve these problems, along with releasing trigger points.

Massage is also beneficial to those with stress and anxiety; it can also improve joint mobility, and is an excellent non-invasive way of dealing with general discomfort.


Chiropractic, where the alignment of your body’s structure is manually corrected, can relieve a lot of the pain associated with your back or neck. It is a natural, healthy way to relieve pain, rather than using drugs or surgeries.

By focusing on the problem that is causing the discomfort, rather than symptoms, chiropractic can get to the root of the issue. It will improve joint mobility/flexibility, and also helps with the body’s ability to heal and repair. Chiropractic promotes blood flow to injured areas, and also releases endorphins and enkephalins, which are the body’s natural pain inhibitors.

Chiropractic focuses on posture, helping stabilize your body for better ergonomic balance—such as forward head posture and scoliosis.

If you are experiencing any type of ache or pain, see Lakeland Family Chiropractic and book an appointment today (253-833-4800).

Whether massage, chiropractic or a combination of both is chosen, you are in safe hands—we care about our patients, and their health.

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