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Easy Ways to Treat Yourself in 2019

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

The end of the year brings about ideas and intentions for a better future, at least for the upcoming 12 months. While some people are able to come up with realistic resolutions and follow through for the entire year, the majority of us are not. Setting goals is a challenge in and of itself, but keeping to a routine for an entire year, let alone the first few weeks of the new year, is an uphill battle. Instead of focusing on new resolutions for 2019, it may be more effective to channel your energy toward self-care. Here are a few ways to join the treat yourself movement in the new year.

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Surround Yourself with the Good

If you want to practice self-care throughout the new year, the first step is to focus on what’s good in your life. That means different things to different people. Start by taking a look at the things that bring you joy on a day to day basis. Maybe that includes a certain set of friends, a workout class, or an activity that you’d like to do more of. Make time for the good things, but don’t forget to clear out the bad. If you have stress-inducing aspects, like a cluttered home or office, toxic relationships, or bad habits, come up with a strategy for letting those things go. Replacing these negatives with the good stuff can put you on track for your best year yet.

Plan a Spa Day

A spa day may not look the same from one person to the next. For some, it may mean planning to get a massage, scheduling a facial, or setting a time for a manicure and pedicure. For others, it may involve a quiet warm bath at home with a good book. Regardless of what a “spa” day means for you, set a date on your calendar and make it happen. Scheduling a relaxing time for yourself, without the noise and stress of the outside world, should be a priority if you want to take your self-care to the next level.

Woman receiving spa treatment

Take Care of Your Mind and Body

In the business of life, it is all too easy to ignore mental and physical health issues that creep up over time. Whether it is an old injury you haven’t tended to, anxiety that won’t seem to fade, or a muscle or joint ache that hasn’t been evaluated or treated, avoiding these seemingly small annoyances or discomforts can lead to serious health problems in the future. Schedule time with your physician for an annual check-up if it has been some time since your last visit. Or get in touch with your chiropractor for a follow-up. Getting on the path toward a healthy mind and body will allow you to do more of the things you want in the new year.

Man bicycling with large word NO over hime

Learn to Say No

There are some things in life you cannot politely decline, like showing up to work each day or taking care of your family. However, several activities you can say no to, if they don’t make you happy or don’t serve your other goals. If you get an invite to an event you really don’t want to attend, know it is okay to decline. The same goes for any ask you do not have the capacity or willingness to tackle. Self-care often requires saying no, especially to the tasks you have no desire or responsibility to take on.

Try Something New

To boost your self-care game, you can also consider trying something new. You may have a desire to try out a new recipe or restaurant in your neighborhood, visit a museum you’ve never made the time to visit, or learn a new skill, related or unrelated to your job. Pushing yourself to do new things is a form of self-care that many overlook. However, the benefits of doing so are many. This small step helps keep your mind active, and it may ultimately become something that ends up on your list of things that bring you happiness each day.

Focusing on self-care for the new year is a great way to skip the traditional resolutions and create a new state of well-being for your life. Any one of these suggestions can be the start of a great year – one that offers the benefits you want and deserve.


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